The suppliers and contractors that are involved in the work on the projects where the placement of our investment funds are used are expected to work under a code of ethics monitored through our independent supervisory management teams. We invite and introduce new technologies through our supplier/contractor registration process and suggest to our project supervisory engineers that these new technologies be considered, if applicable, to any specific project development.

Contact us and request our funding application to arrange further modalities to discuss your particular project funding requirements through our contact form here.

Why Choose to Work with East West Capital Corp.

  • Most financing with the support of the designated Sovereign Guarantee –  backed by the Central Bank of the subject Country
  • Size – No limit on the amounts.
  • Flexible Interest Rates – Not bound by the Zoning
  • Up to 5 years No payment – grace period
  • Flexible Technology – R & D Programs
  • Option to retain owners Equity by PPP partners
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Rapid Build
  • Offsite Construction

Client Benefits:​

  • Cost Effective
  • Ease of Additions
  • Neat Building Sites
  • Total Building Solution
  • Environmental friendly